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Zack Childress Review About The Different Methods Of Closing a Wholesale Deal

In general, wholesalers take up two different methods to close a transaction and get paid, namely through two strategies i.e. assignment of contract and double close or double escrow method. This article Zack Childress Review about how to close your wholesale deal will help all real estate wholesalers out there, so without further ado, let’s get into knowing about the same.

  • It all starts with research. Research your local market, determine your marketing strategy and investing plan and pull comparables of different properties in the area, while doing all of this, you also need to build a timeline for how long you are interested to work out and come to a conclusion about closing the deal.
  • Build cash buyers list. Find the potential buyers, get their contact information, for that you can create a lead generation campaign using direct mail, or bandit signs to acquire potential buyers.
  • Market to motivated sellers. Finding the potential buyers and the motivated sellers in real estate industry is easier said than done. While realtors follow their own techniques to it, Zack Childress suggest targeting delinquent taxpayers, property holders nearing foreclosure and so on.
  • Get a property under contract. The most important thing here is to educate yourself on the legalities of the real estate transaction in line with your state laws. While you come to an agreement on price and terms with the seller, it’s also the right time to decide whether or not you will assign the contract. When you have done it ensure that you receive a copy of it.
  • Finding the end buyer. Once the property is under contract, confer with the buyers list that you have created during the initial stages of the deal. Do not hesitate to inquire other real estate wholesalers in your area if they know anyone who might be interested in your deal.
  • Assignment of contract. This strategy is one of the many forms of the no money down deal where you need to characterize your assignment fee and perform an assignment of contract. The assignment of contract takes place during the closing stage, having said that it is important to collect a deposit from your end buyer as soon as the assignment is executed together with it an email copy of the agreement to your title company also is a must to collect.
  • Close the deal and get paid. The final step is to close the deal and cash your check. During this stage it is imperative to ensure that your end buyer shows up to sign the documents, for that he/she needs to bring in the funds required to purchase the property along with the assignment fee. As a final point, your title company will cut you a check for your fee.
Hope you found this piece of writing helpful, stay connected to Zack Childress real estate blog to equip yourself with trending real estate information and tactics that will help you make more profit.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Zack Childress Offers Best Tips And Tricks For Real Estate Investors

Real estate executives who have limited knowledge in wholesaling, flipping of homes, co-wholesaling and selling of luxury properties should take part in one of the programs that are conducted at REI success academy by zack childress. Investors and agents who are new to real estate business will learn virtual real estate marketing, digital and internet marketing, wholesaling and all other concepts that are connected to this business. Majority of the videos which is created by zack childress are going viral on the social channels. How to wholesale houses without cash buyers? Agents or intermediaries may have these types of questions. Zack has uploaded a wonderful video on this subject and visitors can watch this video on social channels.

Students who took part in his recent and previous programs are receiving checks worth thousands of dollars after finishing their online deals successfully. People who are eager to big money through virtual marketing should decide to attend his upcoming seminars. One who follows the footstep of zack will see lots of money since he has mastered co-wholesaling and other trades that are connected to real estate business. His first deal playbook which can be downloaded for free is a big hit within and outside the country. The e-book which is written by zack himself provides tons of info about flipping houses. Visitors who purchase this e-book have to bear only delivery charges and this book which is a big hit comes with money back guarantee.

Serial entrepreneur provides some interesting information:

Plenty of investors who followed zack co-wholesaling real estate strategy have made lakhs of rupees. It is worth to note that zack childress real estate reviews are honestly written and are worth exploring. Mr. Kevin Harrington a serial entrepreneur recommends his book for everyone since he states that all the topics that are covered in this book are money-making philosophies and ideologies. He further states that this wonderful book on flipping houses will change 10000 lives over the next year. Unemployed men and women, freelancers, agents and others can choose this co-wholesaling real estate business and make quick money. Zack states that his students who received pink slips and dismissal orders from their companies are making huge money now and they thank him for providing such wonderful programs on real estate business.
Investors can get that first deal done when they explore the contents that printed on this book which is getting rave reviews from the readers. Copies are selling fast and the download one before the stock vanishes completely. Zack is an intelligent trainer, investors and wealth manager. He likes conducting webinars, seminars, workshops, training and classroom sessions for his local and national students. He promises that one who passionate follows his co-wholesaling tactics will become millionaire at one point of time. This real estate baron also started his earlier career as normal agent and only after passionate learning he climbed to this level. Students will get that financial freedom, knowledge and growth when they choose real estate career. Download the free copy now and explore the contents before taking part in his upcoming programs.

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Zack Childress Review About Buying Foreclosure Properties; Mistakes To Avoid!

Many of us have a wrong impression about buying foreclosed homes and we deem it is like the typical home purchase, but it’s not and this article Zack Childress review about buying foreclosure properties will unearth the true potential of buying distressed properties.
Buying a foreclosed property is definitely easier said than done, well it’s not going to be that easy, but if you know about the deep insights of it along with some buying guide you are said to reap the fruits of your labor effortlessly. 2017 has been a fantastic year for buying distressed properties because the rate of foreclosure filings were reported on more than 424,000 U.S. properties, but not all were able to pull it off so easily because there was a setback in knowing what to expect and the mistakes to avoid. Would-be buyers who haven’t done their groundwork have made costly mistakes, you don’t get trapped, here are the tips that will help you avoid some costly blunders.

  • Work upfront: Know how much to spend, learn more about the neighborhood, know about the process and most of all secure early financing for the reason that this will ensure that you are qualified to purchase the property. No matter whom you are working with, it may be a qualified agent or an experienced lender, it is important that you do some work upfront to become acquainted with the brass tacks of foreclosure process. This will make you more knowledgeable and may give you the additional bargaining power you require to bargain a better price.
  • Do not skip the inspection process: This is one of the deadliest mistakes that you can ever do. Survey says that 72 percent of U.S. homeowners agreed with the home inspection and it had helped them avoid potential problems, on the other hand, people who have skipped the inspection process has experienced a severe downfall. Having said that, during this process it is good to team up while the assessor or the inspector is looking at the property. Ask questions take notes and do whatever is necessary, an amount of $300 to $500 is charged for this service, but this service is definitely lifesaving, so by no means, try to skip it.
  • Foresee the value: A smart approach is a must when it comes to evaluating your foreclosed home and that is, your approach for the transaction long-term instead of transitory. This is because a foreclosed home may decline further in value. Well, if the hope of flipping the property and reselling shouldn’t go in vain, then you got to consider crunching the numbers, else you may have to undergo long-term financial repercussions.
Still facing a hiccup? Don’t fret! Zack Childress real estate training is said to help you. Zack Childress being the owner of REI Success Academy, he has trained a lot of inexperienced realtors achieve their dreams with this enlightening training session. He is the original creator of the co-wholesaling real estate investing system which allows any person, be it a connoisseur or a newbie to co wholesale real estate deals without any cash or credit. His REI quick cash system is such a hit and people are reaping huge benefits because of it. Still not convinced? Read our students stories and you will understand the value of Zack Childress training.

Friday, 13 April 2018

The Beginner Guide To Real Estate Investing: An Insight Of Zack Childress Reviews

According to Zack Childress, a renowned real estate guru and inventor of REI quick cash system, there are many ways to invest in real estate market like,
  • House flipping
  • Rental investments
  • Buying and selling real estate properties like houses, vacant lands etc.
  • Real estate brokerage

Co Wholesaling

Wholesale real estate investments.
Each and every method has its own risks and profits involved. Let us analyze the pros and cons of different investments strategies.

Repairing and reselling the properties

House flipping is not easy as you think but if done properly with perfection; you can achieve a great success in this business. It requires experience to handle the laborers and complete the work on time. Calculating the expenses and make sure it does not exceed the labor and other cost will determine the profit and success of the deal. Attract the potential buyer with your frontier appearance of the property which eases the resale process.

Co Wholesaling

Wholesaling real estate deals is the process of buying and selling the houses quickly. Here the wholesaler will sell the house to another investor instead of buyer who can resell the property for profit. real estate wholesaling is not so easy to do and it requires lot of effort and patience. Recently the term Co-wholesaling has become so popular and new to the real estate industry. Co-wholesaling real estate investing systems lets you to invest in real estate without money. This can be a great advantage of budding entrepreneurs who wish to start their career in real estate with minimum or no investment.

Rental property investments

Rental investment is the most preferable type of investment since it gives you cash flow income on a long term basis. The rental properties can assure the steady flow of income regardless of any market conditions. The smart way to invest in the rentals is to choose the right property at prime location. Location acts as a major success factor while making your investment in rental properties. You can make huge extra money apart from the maintenance and other charges of the rentals. Once you have made a sound profit in your investment, do not stop there, make multiple rental investments in promising location to earn more profit and secure your financial future.

Pricing your property right is very important!

Many real estate investors commit a very common mistake while starting selling the property. Overpricing, based on the location and appreciation value the price of the property has to be fixed. If you are overpricing the house then there are chances that it may sit in the market for long period of time and it may not sell soon. Fix the price slightly above or below the market value which can attract more potential buyers. If you are eager to kick start your career in real estate investing but lack guidance then Zack Childress REI quick cash system can act as a helping hand and solve your worries. It is an automated wholesale system which can work in autopilot mode and process the real estate investing.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Zack Childress Review about Tax lien real estate investing

Tax lien real estate investing is an attractive avenue to make great profits, but you can easily get burned if you are not doing your research. With potential risks, tax lien investing offers substantial rate of return, but nothing great ever came that easy meaning, it has its own risks. While not many of them are aware of such investment avenue, if you have chosen tax lien business as your real estate investment vehicle, then it is good to be aware of the facts and fictions surrounding it. Therefore, it is imperative to know the nitty gritties of it and this post is an attempt to unveil the essentials and myths of tax liens real estate investing.

  • A lien is not an enforcement action taken by the IRS.
  • Approximately 4 to billion dollars in unpaid property taxes are offered for sale to the private sector on an annual basis and having said that, there are some states that do not transfer or assign delinquent real estate taxes to the private sector.
  • Tarnishing your credit history, tax liens are said to have adverse effects on your credit report, however, there are a few perfectly legitimate ways to remove them.
  • In some cases, buying a tax lien certificate does become less than a perfect investment.
  • Guaranteed payment: Don’t be fooled by this myth and invest in tax lien without knowing anything, there is nothing like guaranteed payment in liens. Yes, there are laws to protect the lien holder, but that does not mean that you will get paid for sure. Your assurance is the real estate property that you hold a lien against. If the property owner doesn’t disburse the amount he/she is supposed to pay you along with the interest accrued for that particular period, you can always foreclose the property and get paid. There are certain pitfalls in it and that is why it is important to do your due diligence on tax sale properties!
  • If you have heard that liens are one-time investment, then there is no big joke than that. Once you purchase a lien, things aren’t over, but you should keep paying the subsequent liens. This will help protect your interest in the property and moreover new ones will have primacy over the older ones. Hence, you should reserve a chunk of cash for it separately.
Having said all that, these are not the only myths or fictions surrounding tax lien, in fact, there are so many, and that is why it is imperative to do your due diligence. Hope you found this article to be helpful. If you wanted to unveil some more profound knowledge about tax lien techniques, stay tuned to Zack Childress blogs to know more. Educating realtors, Zack Childress real estate reviews are a blessing to beginners who wanted to make quick cash in the field of real estate.

Zack Childress Review about out of state real estate investments

Zack Childress review - Out of state real estate investments is a major commitment, which involves loads of risk. Being prepared with the right information, local market knowledge both at the city level and at the neighborhood level is highly essential, together with this you need to work out on the additional warning out of state investing throws at you. This article is an eye-opener for those who are planning to invest out of state.

Never buy a property if you have not seen it. Most of the times, the property may not be what you think it is and the worst part is that, the information online can be out-of-date and the local real estate agent or property owner who is not looking out for best interests might not the person to trust. Regrettably, if you accidentally befall to be the proprietor of a nuisance property that violates certain laws, then you will be in endless trouble, which is time-consuming and expensive to fix. With that said, in certain cases the property might be vacant for more than en expected period of time, which can cause maintenance issues or any poor condition and eventually this, could result in demolition bill, so it is important that you go for a pre-inspection.

Good tenants matter. As far as absentee landlords is concerned, it is a must to find quality tenants especially if you won’t be there to keep a close eye on the behavior of the tenants and their treatment of the property, nor will you be there to demand them to pay if the rent is past due. Even though you may hire the best property management company, you should be responsible enough to appoint tenants that will not cause you or your property management company any annoyance.

Not knowing the rules, there are chances for you to get yourself into a lot of trouble if you fail to follow certain things when investing out of state and in addition, this might cost you significant money and headaches. So, it is a must to be aware of things that will help you have the best ROI.
Lack of familiarity with local economic conditions is the foremost concern when you are planning to invest out of state. Apart from trusting just mere word of mouth, research, gut instincts, and the opinions of any professionals you hire, it is important that you should do your due diligence. Well, now that you are aware of the challenges, do not forget to do your research and make sure that you are not trapped to out of state real estate investing scams.  Hope you found this article of Zack Childress review about out of state real estate investments useful, stay tuned to unearth more information about real estate investing.

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Why aspiring realtors should attend Zack Childress Real Estate seminar?

Attending Zack Childress Real Estate seminar is a serious commitment; it is one of the fastest ways to boost your career, and one of the best ways to stay up to date in the fluctuating real estate world. A good seminar can transform your entire life. An all-embracing real estate coaching/seminar can be instrumental to all real estate enthusiasts out there. However, not everyone knows the importance of attending a powerful coaching. As previously mentioned attending a real estate workshop is a serious commitment and depending on the person’s experience level, things learnt through the seminar can make a world of difference and simply transform the life of attendees completely. Are you still perplexed and not sure, you want to go for it? Here are some reasons why you should:
  • Step-by-step approach to automated wholesaling systems
  • Core strategies for getting ahead and staying ahead of the curve
  • A clear understanding of the ins and outs of the most commonly used contracts
  • Conflict devoiding negotiation techniques
  • Extraordinary and effective training methods will give access and unlock all invaluable resources like links, wholesaling, Reo scripts and much more.
  • How to evaluate any deal quickly and easily just like the pros.
  • Major pitfalls to avoid when investing, be it commercial, residential, or industrial real estate
  • You will learn how to find deals, regardless of your budget; while learning that you will also get to learn about free, cheap, and paid marketing methods
  • Set up a personalized marketing plan to Buy Houses and put a system in place to hold you accountable for it
  • Tips for Specific types of properties including Apartments, Self Storage, Mobile Home Parks, Shopping Centers and Office Buildings.
  • Secrets to building ethical real estate wealth and MUCH, much more!
  • Legal and contracts (the basics for leases, options, and purchase contracts)

Hope you found this article helpful. For more details on how to succeed as an investor, stay connected to Zack Childress real estate workshop and you are sure to go places. Zack Childress is a real estate entrepreneur who has helped thousands of real estate enthusiasts by teaching real estate principles, markets, and finance. His specialized knowledge of how to succeed as a real estate investor is a boon to aspiring realtors, in his attempt to educate about real estate concepts he has also brought fraudulent real estate scam activities to light! His boot camps and seminars are a blessing to people who wanted to make it big in the field of real estate. Sign up for Zack Childress real estate reviews to stay up to date on real estate concepts and make secure investments with the guidance of this connoisseur who will guide you every step of the way.

Zack Childress Review About Paying Back Taxes

Zack Childress Review - Tax deeds and tax liens are a lucrative opportunity for real estate investors. If you are laying your hands on it, then it is important that you are aware of the set of laws. Whether you purchase at a live or online auction, potential investors must do their homework in advance to avoid getting burned somewhere in the middle of the process later. Property taxes are the essential component of any county, city, or municipality and it supports all sorts of public services. In general, there are laws to assure that the government collects those finances, be it the delinquent taxpayer or a potential investor with a financial interest in the property.

When a taxpayer fails to pay his/her taxes for a continued period of time, then the taxing authority or entity will place a tax lien on the property and sell the right to collect on that lien to the winning bidder at public sale. An investor who has won the bid will take over the lien and collect the back taxes, plus penalties, and interest accrued for the period from the delinquent taxpayer. The delinquent taxpayer does have any rights to sell or refinance the property until the debts are paid off. Having said that, when the taxpayer fails to pay the taxes, the lien holder can foreclose the property and benefit from that! As far as Florida and other few states are concerned, bidders at a tax lien auction tender interest rates on the certificate down, with the winner being the bidder who consents to agree to the lowest interest rate. Whereas, in other states, the taxing entity advertises the real estate outright at a tax deed auction, with an opening bid of the sum of back taxes owed plus fees. Tax auctions take place at a designated location, live or online and the winning bidder should pay the full amount immediately.

• Protected by the local government tax code, compared to other types of real estate investments, the biggest advantage in buying tax liens or deeds is that they are safe and less risky. With no commission to pay out of the profit margin, it involves direct dealing with the government. Having said that it is very rare that the taxpayer or property owner will not pay the back taxes owed, however, the tax lien investor gets a good return on investment in the form of interest accrued for the tax amount paid. Depending on the state, and the interest rate, a lien holder can enjoy making greater profits, for example, in Georgia tax lien certificates pay 20 percent, while in Illinois they pay 36 percent, and the interest goes up to as high as 50 percent in the subsequent years.

• While the concept of buying a property for as little as the back taxes payable is smart, it is not as easy as it seems and if it was that easy, then everyone would be doing it. Even though they are less risky, there are certain potential pitfalls that are worth to note; hence, it is important that you do your due diligence. Before attending an auction with the intention of bidding and buying, experts recommend that you observe one of them, in order to have a clear idea about how it functions. Tax liens and deeds, apart from being available on residential properties, they are also available on commercial and other types of properties like ranches, vacant land and so on.

Hope you found this article helpful, for more eye-opening real estate investing articles stay tuned to Zack Childress blogs. Zack Childress is a real estate entrepreneur who has helped thousands of real estate enthusiasts by teaching real estate principles, markets, and finance. His boot camps and seminars are a blessing to people who wanted to make it big in the field of real estate. Sign up for Zack Childress real estate reviews to stay up to date on real estate concepts and make secure investments with the guidance of this connoisseur who will guide you every step of the way.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Zack Childress Review about purchasing tax liens online

Tax liens are one of the obscure corners of real estate that not all are aware of. This article is an attempt to publicize how to purchase tax liens online. With the advent of technology, buying tax liens online has become a much simpler process, but not all are aware of it. This article will walk you through the process and uncover the basic process of it.

  • Decide on where you will invest: While there are several restrictions to online tax sales, the most important constraint is that you are limited to the states that have online tax sales. Not all states in the US entertain online auctions, while states like Florida, Indiana, Louisiana does, not all counties have online tax sales, our tax lien online course will help you find a list of these counties, and other details required.
  • Discover the tax sale information: Most if not all of the data that you need is generally provided on the bidding or online auction website, which make things easier than ever. You can approach the county tax collector or treasurer, in order to find out where to go about it, or can also research and get educated from tax-distressed leading online auctioneer sites that conducts many of the online tax sales.
  • Evaluation process: the hardest part of everything comes now; it is all about doing your due diligence for the tax sale properties and finding out if it is worth the effort. While some counties provide a lot of information about the tax distressed property, in some cases, you do not always get to see the entire list of tax delinquent properties available for sale. As an alternative, the properties are listed separately or in batches by an ID number, where you will have to click on each of them to get an idea, but not all information you need are listed here and this is where buying a meticulous list with all the evaluation information for the property can me very accommodating.
  • Get equipped for the bidding process: A few weeks ahead of the sale, you should register for the sale and it is worth to note that you will be bidding for the tax lien certificate, but not for the property itself. Moreover, it is essential that you secure some amount for the deposit and for the non-refundable registration fee. For tax sales that bring into play ACH Debit as the process of payment for tax liens, you have to pay before the close of the tax sale and as with wire transfers the payment should be done within a day or two.
  • Bid successfully: With online tax sales, this is easy to pull off. The online tax auction website usually opens up at least a couple of weeks before the tax sale, thereby giving you a plenty of time to bid as long as you register and get your deposit in on time. Keep track of the batches and get there before the closing time.
Hope you found this article about purchasing tax liens online helpful. Whether you want to expand your portfolio or become a successful real estate investor, Zack Childress real estate guide can help you become a successful investor effortlessly. For more information about tax liens.

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Zack Childress real estate wholesaling ideas- with no money or credit

When you hear people say I was able to pull off Real estate business with no money or credit, a frown brow expression is what anybody would do, but this is not the case with people who are real estate fervents, because this is nothing new to them. For as long as real estate has been a speculation strategy, there have been ways to gain profit from it without money or credit. Yes! Knowledge is power; the information is wide spread and so is the funding, all that you have to do is research and know where to look.
Now, coming back to the methodologies of real estate wholesaling, did you know that a majority of most renowned real estate tycoons got started in real estate by putting deals in concert with very little money or credit of their own, yes this may be far from belief, but this is very much true and their accomplishment was all based on having the right set of information, making the right connections, and putting into practice the right strategies.
This is no magic, even an investor or wholesaler who executes things on a regular basis can benefit from this. Making a great and wholesome income can be accomplished by practicing some very established and proven strategies. Listed below is some of the most successful real estate investing strategies you can put to use with no money, or credit, so let’s have a look at it without much ado.
  • Explore for properties along with the dealers who will make things easy while also contacting wholesalers and investors, bringing together a list of requirements and property types for each investor, you are said to achieve more with this at hand. The scout will hunt for real estate properties and ‘bring them’ to the potential wholesalers and investors, for a fee having said that, the stated fee can be as much as 50% of the profit and it is termed by a co-wholesaling agreement.
  • Gain control over the seller’s mortgage payments, no matter even if mortgages are ‘not assumable.’ The main thing to note here is that, the ‘due on sale’ is only a clause and not a regulation. For example, if you are going to take control of a property through a quitclaim deed and gain control over the loan payments, the lender will not mind nor will they put into effect the policy clause, in as much as you make prompt payments. In the period in-between (since the investor has full power over the property) they can market and sell it, retaining with any proceeds from the sale.
Real estate wholesaling is a great thing to pull off when you do it right, the best part is that you don’t have to bear anything ‘out of pocket’ costs, meaning you will profit in several ways! Doesn’t it sound pretty good, so if you wanted to unearth more of these strategies and make more riches Zack Childress is said to help, his automated wholesaling systems are yet another thing that every real estate enthusiast should be aware of, you are sure to gain more knowledge as you attend any of the webinars or seminars of Zack Childress, but what are the distinguishing things that you attain are listed here for your reference.
  • Step-by-step approach to automated wholesaling systems
  • Core strategies for getting ahead and staying ahead of the curve
  • Extraordinary and effective training methods will give access and unlock all invaluable resources like links, wholesaling, Reo scripts and much more.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Zack Childress reviews about common Real Estate Investing Scams

The real estate industry itself is quite complicated and dealing things with great caution is highly essential. Whether it is about finding the right property or organizing the proper funding and managing a rental, everything is easier said than done and it goes without saying that all these processes take a lot of time, effort, and sometimes basic and in-depth knowledge about the real estate market is required together with other factors. Having said that, just like any business, even real estate industry is prone to scam activities where crooks try to scam you out of your hard work. Hence it is important to be wide-awake every time.

Change is the only thing that’s permanent and this applies to the real estate industry very well. Real estate changes constantly, so’s real estate investment scams. In order to not become a victim, you should be wide-awake and outsmart them because con artists these days are more sophisticated in scamming even the smartest people.

  • Loan modification scams: This is one of the most prevalent scams out there and it often targets the homeowners and they struggle to pay mortgage or face foreclosure issues. In this con game, usually the scammer will act as the lender and will try to misguide the owner by their cheap tricks and try to deceive him/her. In addition, they may even promise a guarantee or protection from foreclosure, however, anything related to money the owner is supposed to pay a fee which is usually an upfront fee and this is a red flag which anyone should be aware of. These scammers are extremely cunning and will even have a website with a government logo, so be aware. So, whenever it comes to mortgage make sure that you don’t trust any third parties but deal only with a professional mortgage company.
  • Rental scams: For rent signs open the door to rental scams! Landlords seek tenants, while scammers seek target in the name of rentals. Whether you are in the market to rent or looking to rent out your home, make sure that you DON’T get locked in the sights of a rental scam trickster who appears to be very loyal and legit. For an in-depth idea about rental scams read “Zack Childress reviews about red flags of Rental scams and how to avoid them”. Everything you wanted to know about rental scams, its red flags, and how to avoid them are listed in detail there.
  • Title scams: Title fraud or title scam is also one of the most common real estate investment scams. Highly destructive in nature, this could result in identity theft leading to several other issues. In this type of scam game, crooks will use false documents and pose as the home seller or the person authorized to do so, and recommends purchasing title insurance and may request personal or confidential information for the purchase.

Zack Childress Review About The Different Methods Of Closing a Wholesale Deal

In general, wholesalers take up two different methods to close a transaction and get paid, namely through two strategies i.e. assignment o...